About us

Les Sebring
Master Certified Bail Agent (MCBA)

"With over 35 years experience at virtually every level in the bail bond business, and with assistance from a team of dedicated agents, I can help build our profession...and improve its image." Les Sebring is a life member and one of a handful of members of the Professional Bail Agents of United States' prestigious Hall of Fame. "More important, however, is that my staff members and I can relate to every aspect of being a bail agent...

Tony Widgery
Manager and Vice President

Tony Widgery, is a Certified Bail Agent (CBA) and has been writing Bail Bonds for over 25 years. He is committed in establishing and maintaining the highest level of professionalism in our office of Bail agents. Tony is Past President of the Indiana Surety Bail Agents Association (ISBAA) and currently sits on it’s Board of Directors. It is our obligation to make certain the all our Bail Bondsman thoroughly explain the details of the agreement and application needed to execute the release of a defendant.

Commitment to service

AAA Bail Bonds, Inc. has broad underwriting authority. With few exceptions, bonds are approved and executed right in our own office.

At AAA Bail Bonds, Inc., underwriting is accomplished rapidly. Given the proper information and documentation, decisions can be made in a matter of minutes, not hours or days. When home office approval is needed, the underwriting process is quick, utilizing telephone, facsimile and computer facilities.

Because most bonds are pre-approved we provide "one call" underwriting service. This means less hassle and quick execution.